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My Last Name Is Grandma
Hardcover, Paperback, and E-book

Cover of My Last Name Is Grandma
From the Author:

"My Last Name is Grandma is a book of short stories about two of my six grand kids. For the longest time, I did not want to become a Grandma, as I pictured myself as being a gray-haired, boring person.  But, being a Grandma is one of the most fulfilling, fun, gray-haired (a little) things I could imagine." - Ella Elliott Colvin

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My Last Name Is Grandma

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"As a grandparent,  it is the best sound in the world for a grandchild to see you and come running towards you with the words, 'Grandma, Grandma!' or 'Grandpa, Grandpa!' Enjoy the book, and thanks for your support."